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Segrino Lake

Lake Segrino is a hidden gem nestled among the hills, just 3 km away, an oasis of serenity and natural beauty. Its crystal-clear waters reflect the ever-changing colors of the sky, providing a breathtaking spectacle at every corner. Surrounded by a lush vegetation frame, this lake is the perfect place to relax, take rejuvenating walks, and enjoy moments of tranquility in an enchanting environment, thanks to the possibility of walking around it.

Malgrate Villages

Just 8 km away, the picturesque Lake Como unfolds before the eyes. From Malgrate, along its shore, you'll be treated to a breathtaking panoramic view of Lecco, a charming city nestled beside the lakeside, renowned as the place where the events of 'The Betrothed' took place, the celebrated Italian novel by Alessandro Manzoni (1825).

The Grigna and Grignetta

A song narrates the relationship between the mountaineer and the Grigna. Through the metaphor of a lover (the climber) and a cruel beloved (the Grigna mountain), it sings of those who have perished (I want you, or die) in attempting to ascend this low yet stern peak. The Grigna was a ruthless warrior, who had one of her sentinels slay a knight who had come to declare his love for her. The warrior was transformed into a mountain, Grignone, by a merciful deity, while the obedient sentinel became Grignetta.

“Lake Como, the largest and deepest lake in Italy, is renowned not only for its vastness but also for its architectural wonders, exquisite cuisine, and enchanting landscapes. Over the centuries, Lake Como has been a privileged residence for aristocrats and the most powerful individuals from Italy, Europe, and indeed, the world.”

We offer our Home.

In Pusiano, we present to you an enchanting hidden gem, where you can create your home and embark on journeys to explore this corner of paradise. Don’t forget to indulge in a delightful lakeside ice cream as you start your adventures from here.

Pusiano is there with its own lake between the two branches of the great lake of Como.  We are 25 km from Como, 15 km from Lecco, 20 km from Monza and 45 km from Milan. We are at the center of the world!! In the heart of our Brianza


Not to mention that we are a mere 25 km away from Monza, home to the fastest circuit in the Formula One World Championship, where roaring cars take the stage. However, we can also choose to immerse ourselves in serene silence through activities like gliding in a sailplane or embarking on kayak or bicycle rides. For the daring souls, there’s the option to test our mettle by tackling the Grigna, with its challenging grade 5 climb. Then again, perhaps it’s wiser not to push the limits and instead indulge in a game of golf at one of Italy’s most beautiful courses. In Brianza, the possibilities are endless!


Determining the ideal location for a leisurely stroll is indeed a challenging task. Before us unfurl magnificent vistas – rocky mountains, crystalline lakes, rolling hills, and wooded areas. In the distance, the lights of Milan twinkle across the plains. Merely 40 km away from the world of fashion, business, and bustling city life, here in our Brianza, we breathe in the fresh, invigorating air amidst the embrace of our mountains.


In the Brianza region or in 20 km, we can discover several Michelin-starred restaurants, some of which are located just 5 km away from Lake Pusiano. Simultaneously, the area is also dotted with exceptional trattorias and restaurants, some offering breathtaking views ranked among the most beautiful in the world, while others boast authentic local cuisine. The exploration is yours to undertake; we merely provide a few pointers.

City & Villages

In addition to Monza, Como, and Lecco, incredible historical town, our region is dotted with ancient villages that are sought-after destinations for celebrities from around the world. Not to be missed are places like Cernobbio, the Monza Park, Bellagio, Tremezzo, Varenna, Lecco, Montevecchia, and many more. Sadly, there are so many of these magnificent villages that exude the essence of history, tranquility, and the prosperity of their inhabitants.

What you need?

Do you need a bicycle? a kayak, a pedalo, an electric boat, a special 70s car for a trip on the lake? Don’t worry, in Pusiano you can find everything. just 300 meters from Casa Marzia you can find all this!! Enjoy yourselves!

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